Megashedz North Wales - Manufacturers of heavy duty timber buildings
Welcome to Megashedz Garden buildings advice and help page,
Here you will find that Megashedz many years experience in the manufacturing, delivery and fitting of garden buildings throughout North West Wales, helping us to advise you in choosing the correct building for your garden. We hope to help you understand the process from choosing your building to preparing a base through to the day you take delivery of your new building, this will help ensure the process is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.
Positioning of your new garden building:
For standard garden sheds its good practice to not put them in the only corner of the garden that gets the sun throughout the summer months. this will reduce the use of your garden as the shed will take up an area which would make much better use for decking, a patio area or even a wooden summerhouse. It is also good practice to pick a level area of your garden for your building as this will reduce the work and costs of preparing a level concrete, flag or tanalised timber base for your new wooden building.  
Base preparation:
One of the most important things is to make sure you have prepared a good level solid concrete, flag or tanalised timber base prior to the delivery of your new building. If this is not done it could result in us not being able to erect your building. If a building is erected on a unsuitable base it could result in a number of problems with your building in the future.
1 : The door not opening and closing properly,
2 : The roof not fitting or being poorly fitted and leaking, 
3 : The building would not last and all guarantees would be void.
Access and delivery:
We usually deliver garden buildings on transit sized pickups which can be up to 16ft long and need a large area turn. If your erecting your own building and we are just delivering it, this would be a kerbside delivery so we would not carry the building around the back of your property, it will be stacked neatly on your driveway or path.
If your building is 10 x 6 or larger the panels can be up to 8ft tall and will not fit through a normal sized garden gate if it has a top bar or wire running across. Please contact us so we can discuss your options.